Nimfa beauty - Markó Krisztina

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Manicure; Nail polish - one color; Nail polish - french; Lacgel - one color; Japan manicure; Scupltured french gel; Scupltured gel - one color; Scupltured acrylic - one color; French refill with gel; French refill with acrylic; Color french refill with gel; Color french refill with nailbed elongation - acrylic; Spa pedicure; Pedicure; Mini pedicure - for lacgel; Nail polish one color ; Nail polish french; Lacgel - french; Lacgel - color change; Foot massage; Traditional 1D - refill; Double 2D - new set; Double 2D - refill; Volume 3D - new set; Volume 3D - refill; Massage; Face massage; Body massage; Aroma massage